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Diabetes screening at the Health Expo

Diabetes is an increasing problem in Papua New Guinea (PNG). It is estimated1 that over 59,000 people in PNG have the condition, and only about 15% of these know they have it. The commonest type of diabetes in PNG is type 2 diabetes. This is most common particularly after the age of 35- 40, but can occur in younger people.

Without diagnosis and proper treatment, diabetes can cause a number of serious complications.

This website provides information about diabetes in PNG, for patients and for health professionals.

It is divided into the following sections:

What is Diabetes

Can I prevent it?

Resources for Health Professionals




The website is managed by HOPE worldwide (PNG) – see main pages

The funding for the website has come from the World Diabetes Foundation http://www.worlddiabetesfoundation.org/

We also thank Diabetes Australia-NSW for permission to reproduce various parts of their excellent website www.diabetesnsw.com.au

1 Diabetes Atlas 3rd Edition, International Diabetes Federation, Brussels 2007